VO-scholen in Nederland maken een vuist en gaan voor 20-80learning: ontsaaiend, personaliserend en ondernemend onderwijs, dat de leerling en de docent op een (nog) hoger niveau krijgt. Members van het C4 20-80learning vinden op de interne site uitgebreide en permanent in beweging zijnde informatie: modules, lesmateriaal, etc. voor IBC, IAC, ISportC, ISC, BRC en VMBO/MAVO Business.

20-80learning in Europe


What happens to EEPA winners after the ceremony? Promoting Enterprise is proud to introduce Leny van der Ham, the founder of International Business College part of 20-80learning, a 2015 EEPA finalist. Today she shares with us what her project is about and her exciting updates since being a part of EEPA back in 2015. 20-80 Learning promotes the entrepreneurial spirit of young people, helps them complete their regular education in 80% of the time leaving the other 20% of their time for creative collaboration and personal development. The prgram focuses on self-development, entre- and intrapreneurship, follow-up study, real life, metacognition and languages. In almost 30 Dutch secondary schools the students complete the standard secondary school course in 4 days a week using 80% of the class time. The remaining 20% is the 20-80learning day when students develop metacognition, entrepreneurship and skills for their further education and careers. The 20-80 learning philosophy is now being applied in the fields of business, science, sport and arts.                            

20-80learning is receiving widespread positive recognition by the Dutch Ministries of Education, Culture and Science and Economic Affairs and Climate, the VO-Raad and the politics. For founder and director Leny van der Ham, the agoal is simple and manifold: 'To me, every day is so valuable that boredom is unacceptable. An entrepreneur has to be alert to market processes: a teacher is an intrapreneur and must always be aware of his customer and his product, thus there should always be room for innovation in education!'

Through this program she aims to make education not only well-rounded and useful, but to put the fun back into education and provide a space for both students and teachers to experiment and develop.
Via this approach the goal is to minimise potential negative effects such as poor performance, negative attitudes to work, negative interaction with teachers, and dropouts from further education.
Interested in the concept? Want to help implement Leny’s global vision and bring this system to teenagers worldwide? Find out more from the website www.20-80learning.nl, and contact info@20-80learning.nl for more information. Tags: , , , , , , , , , ,, , , ,   


20-80learning®: Runner Up European Enterprise Promotion Award 2014

Persbericht Nederland in de top bij de European Enterprise Promotion Awards 2014 in Napels - Op 2 oktober zijn in Napels (Italië) de European Enterprise Promotion Awards 2014 uitgereikt.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    

International Business College, part of 20-80learning, en Get in the Ring kwamen als beste uit de Nederlandse finale op 23 april 2014 in het Huis van Europa: beiden eindigden als Runners-Up en kregen een speciale vermelding van de juryleden. Pieter Waasdorp, directeur ondernemerschap van het ministerie van EZ en Klimaat en SME Envoy: 'We hebben deze twee projecten genomineerd vanwege hun maatschappelijke impact en overdraagbaarheid binnen en buiten Europa.' Directeur C4 20-80learning drs. Leny van der Ham-van Dijk: Dit is een fantastisch resultaat voor onze visie. Geef Enterpreneurship een kans door een open mind te houden, hoe oud of jong je ook bent!